Spring Casuals- Tabby Say Relax

Have you been hunting for eggs since March 18th… of 2006? Do you now own more than 11 sculpted rabbit ear sets? Have you eaten so many eggs you’re as stuffed as the velveteen rabbit? If you’re about ready to build a bonfire with all those freebie wicker baskets, I’ve got the cure you’re looking for. 

Ceri Linen and Lace Ensemble

Available as seperates or full ensemble complete with shoes, hat, antique lace trimmed cami and rolled up linen trousers, Ceri was born of a need to relaaaax. She reminds me of chamomile tea in a beautiful old china cup, preferably sipped in a hammock somewhere far far away from shrieking sugar shocked children and egg hunts…

Not that I’m totally burned out on tasty, brightly coloured treats, mind you- in fact, I have a few of those for you too.

Mandy Jane Kitten Heel Slippers

I saw these shoes in real life last week, and neeeeeeded them in SL.  They’re a little bit comfy penny loafer, a little bit cute mary jane, and a little bit sexy  kitten heel. I think they’re a whole lotta fun, so I made a bunch, and named them after my new rl kitty, Mandy Jane.

You can find them all at the Laughing Academy!

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